We provide measuring and in home consultation services for a fee of $100. The $100 fee is deducted from a purchase of $1000 or more, labor and tax excluded. We are happy to schedule a measure/consultation once you have met with one of our sales team members in our beautiful showroom. We have a wonderful showroom with dozens of displays. It's very beneficial for you, the consumer, to come in and meet with us and see exactly what your new window coverings will look like and see all your options. Once we narrow down the selection you can either check out samples or have us bring them for the consultation. You are welcome to come in with some rough sizes and even photos of your windows if you would like to get an idea of cost for your project.



We offer installation for products purchased through the Alcatraz Shade Shop. Installation is a separate fee and is determined by the size, location and difficulty of the project. We can also remove your existing shades and dispose of them for a fee that starts at $15 per unit.  Installation is guaranteed for 1 year, meaning if you have any issues with your window covering there is no charge for us to come out to assess the issue and resolve it. After one year of installation trip charges to your home apply.



Thank you for choosing Alcatraz Shade Shop for your repair needs. We are happy to inspect your broken shade to determine if it is something we are able to repair. We have been doing repairs for many years and understand that you may have had a shade repaired in the past that we are no longer able to repair. This can be due to age, brand, or condition. When determining if we can repair your shade we look at the brand to see if it is a brand we offer repairs on. A few brands we do not offer repairs on are 3 Day Blinds, Smith and Noble,, certain Levolor products, and window coverings purchased at big box stores and online. It is very difficult for us to work on shades of this quality due to the way they are built and the materials they are made from. If you need a repair on one of the listed blind companies above we recommend you contact them directly.

We are particular about the condition and cleanliness of your window covering. We repair shades in a clean work space so that we do not soil other customers shades. Shades brought to us that have mold, mildew, or a buildup of dirt, dust and bugs are no longer able to be repaired. We do not clean shades but we do recommend Harry Pruyn from Clean Drapes On Site to help you with cleaning needs.

Please contact him directly at 510-507-4737. Once your shade has been professionally cleaned you are welcome to bring it back for repair.

Please remember that shades do wear out and we are always happy to give you an estimate for new shades. The life span of a normal window covering is 10 years.  


We appreciate your business and thank you for considering us for your repair needs.