Stylish & Innovative Insulators

Honeycomb Shades, also known as Cellular Shades or blinds have a light-as-air appearance that gently filters light. While they may look delicate, these polyester fabric blinds are tireless energy savers clearly earning their keep; their hexagon-shaped cells actually trap air keeping rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Honeycomb Shades softly filter sunlight while providing privacy. Raise Cellular Window Shades and they stack neatly against a slim headrail, showcasing your view. Colorful fabrics brighten any room, but display a uniform neutral backside to the outside world. Some even contain recycled materials and come in a variety of colors with fabrics styles from light filtering to light blocking styles.

Honeycombs are great insulators from the elements as well. The cells inside the honeycomb like structure offer warmth in winter and cool in summer, helping to regulate the environment inside. Heat loss and gain drive our energy usage up. It can be felt in monthly utility bills and calculated in our collective carbon emissions Honeycomb blinds offer great insulation from the elements…

Caring for your honeycomb blinds is simple. Keep them dust free by using a feather duster once each week. Every month, vacuum the blinds to remove any built up dust. Upholstery cleaners can also be used to spot clean any stains or marks that are on the blinds. Alternately you could use a mild laundry detergent in warm water to clean the blinds.
Honeycombs are also good for children’s rooms. Many types of blinds come with cords that dangle down within the child’s reach; however some blinds are actually cordless making them safe and easy to operate. This makes them perfect for small children as the cord presents a risk to the child if not secured away out of reach.
Honeycomb blinds are great for renovators. You can easily and relatively cheaply install a whole new look and feel into your home with honeycomb blinds. The wide variety of colors, textures and fabrics available make honeycomb blinds a renovators delight.

Honeycomb blinds can be used in many different room settings because of the wide variety available; they work well in both homes & offices. Some types of honeycomb blinds are very light and airy, filtering out the light which would be suitable for a home study. Other types have a blinds have an extra coating to block all the light and are great for bedrooms and home theatres where total light control is critical.


Pleat sizes-1/2, 3/8, ¾ & 1 ¼ inch sizes
Opacities-Range from semi sheer to blackout
Cells-single, double & triple
Top Down/Bottom Up-Have a your view & privacy too
Cordless-Raise and lower with a touch of your finger
Cord Loop-More durable for those larger windows
Orientation-Horizontal or vertical
Motorization-open your blinds with a touch of a button