Exterior Options

Exterior Shade ScreenExterior Roll Up – Solar Screen Shades can be mounted to the outside of your home or for an enclosed porch area. These filter a percentage of the sun from warming up the glass in your windows, keeping your interior cooler all day long. Having an exterior mounted shade will reduce the heat more than having something mounted inside your home. These shades can be made from a variety of exterior solar screens such as Phifer 45000.



The Continental retractable patio awning is always built using the highest quality materials. Engineered for superior versatility, durability and elegance, the Continental retractable patio awning series can do it all. With the ability to span widths from 6 ft. up to 80 feet, and with six projections ranging from 5 feet to a maximum of 13 feet, it’s easy to see why the Continental retractable awning is the most popular awning we offer. The Continental Retractable Patio Awning is offered with a wide range of options including protective hoods, multiple hardware colors, a vertical drop valance, a convenient slope adjustment system, a heavy duty arm support, as well as numerous wireless operating choices. All of these options allow you to customize the Continental retractable patio awning to meet your shading needs. The Continental retractable patio awning, unlike a wood patio cover, extends and retracts to any position, and does so without unsightly posts that block your view. The retractable nature of the Continental allows you to control your outdoor environment with a hand crank or at the touch of a switch. Warming sun when you want it, or cooling shade when you need it, all at your finger tips. Since its introduction, almost 30 years ago, the Continental has left thousands of homeowners wondering how they ever lived without it.


Cadette Awning

The Cadette window motorized or manual retractable awning is by far one of the most robust and effective exterior shading devices on the market. It is designed strictly for windows since the spring loaded arms drop down and pivot from the mid-point of the window. This allows the awning to project from vertical (up against the wall) down to approximately 130 degrees. One can of course stop the awning at any position desired to maintain their view while blocking out the sun.

  • Reduce the Amount of Sunlight Coming Into Your Home
  • Prevent Fading of Carpets & Furniture
  • Avoid the Expense of Interior Shades and Drapes
  • The Awning is Completely Out of View from the Inside of the Home When Awning is Retracted Up Against the Wall.


Skylight Awning

Our unique and exclusive skylight motorized awning runs on tracks to instantly create up to 400 square feet of shade with the flip of a switch or remote control. The foundation of our warranty is based on all our hardware being designed and manufactured in the USA since 1978. This unique design allows the Skylight Awning to project horizontally, vertically or follow the curve of a solarium.Widths of 6’ to 26’ with Projections of 6′ to 24′

Powder Coated Finishes: White, Beige, Bronze – standard Aluminum finish

Remote and WalMounted Motorized systems are available – comes standard with crank



European Aluminum Rolling Shutters have long been the standard way to effectively protect buildings, their occupants and contents from a variety of environmental attacks. There are many reasons why a contractor or home owner might want to install this kind of protection and our 28 plus years of dedication and experience in the business means we understand them all. During our design process, we only choose materials and mechanisms that can deliver durable protection with inherently low maintenance while remaining cost effective and attractive.

We are committed to producing solutions that provide multiple benefits including:

·Storm Protection·Security·Energy Savings·Ultraviolet Protection

·Light Control·Noise Reduction·Privacy·Automated Control



Motorization is Available for all of our exterior and interior products. Please inquire with our sales staff for more information.



We can make many custom enclosures for commercial properties as well. Some of our esteemed customers include Chevy’s Restaurants, Cesar on Piedmont Ave, and Restaurant on 4th Street.

Vinyl “see-thru” Windows for superior wind protection

Dining Enclosures with grommets and velcro attachments