Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal BlindsThe popularity of blinds started many decades ago, and continues today. With great choices for the home or business the blind market has expanded to include Genuine Wood Blinds in Cherry and Ash, Faux Wood blinds for high moisture environments, and perforated aluminum blinds for shading purposes. These are just a few of the unique product offerings from innovative blind manufacturers. Read further to learn more, or call us to set up an in home consultation.

1” Aluminum Mini Blinds and ½” Micro Blinds

Mini blinds, also called venetian blinds, are a classic choice with great durability. Mini blinds offer clean design that works with virtually any style. Our mini blind brands have great industry reputations, are long lasting and inexpensive. For practical window treatments at affordable prices, mini blinds are a perfect solution.

Light Control & Privacy

Mini blinds provide excellent privacy. You can lower the entire stack of slats to cover the entire window and adjust the slats so they are tilted shut. Mini blinds offer medium room darkening with the slats fully closed. For bedrooms where you may want even more light control, consider route less slats.


There are several options for upgrades including cloth tapes, route less slats, cordless operation and motorization. Cloth tapes add style and color while softening the look of the blind. Route less slats, as mentioned above, take light control and privacy to the next level, providing better room darkening. Cordless offers easy operation and is an important safety consideration for homes with small children & pets, as loose cords can be dangerous.

Slat Sizes

Typical sizes for mini blind slats are: 1/2″, 1″, 1 3/8″, and 2 inches. Blinds with 1/2″ slats are referred to as micro mini blinds and are well suited for smaller windows. One inch is the most common size; they are also the most versatile. Two inch blinds are best suited for very large windows. The purpose of different sizes is to maintain clean style and proper function. Too many horizontal lines on a large window are not appealing while not enough lines on a small window is also unattractive. It is also much easier to operate the blinds when they are appropriately sized.


A gauge of aluminum blinds refers to the thickness of their metal slats. They come in 6 or 8 gauge thickness. 6 gauge is usually less expensive, while 8 gauge is more durable. Six gauge slats are the thinnest, and can be used in any room, but are best suited for rooms where slats might bend. Since they are thinner, they crease less frequently.